Two debuts for you


Heyy, sorry it’s been awhile, I’ve been on hols on a melanin recharge. I made sure I kept my 📚 game up , so here we have two 2016 releases that you must read.

‘My Name is Leon’ Kit de Waal

This hotly anticipated debut by Kit de Waal came out in June 2016 (UK release). Set in 1980s Britain, the story is about two brothers who are placed into foster care. This story could have been written in the third person, yet Kit chooses to tell it from the perspective of a mixed race, 9 year old boy, Leon. This gives the reader a completely different, heart wrenching and heart warming insight. We follow Leon as he cares for his mum, as he tries to decipher why his white baby brother is adopted and not him, and as he goes through social worker after social worker. Cleverly and convincingly written, this book is an essential for upcoming autumnal nights.

‘Here Comes The Sun’ Nicole Dennis-Benn

Another debut that came out this summer, a page in and I couldn’t put this down. In fact, I had to limit myself to a few chapters at a time, as I was nearing the end a few days into my holiday. If you’re looking for a cheery, colourful, don’t worry, be happy type set in the Caribbean, this is not it. The story explores the life and secrets of a family who live in a area bordering Montego Bay. Nothing is held back, as topics like sexual abuse, sexuality and the effects of tourism (to name a few) are addressed. My only gripe with this book is the ending, in that I feel like it didn’t really have one…but this can be resolved by Nicole releasing a sequel. All in all, superb read!

Enjoy 🙂

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